The best way to stay safe on Craigslist is to use ice cold cash to make a payment. In case you are hesitant to pay cash, you can travel to the local law enforcement officials station and also the Diamond Pit Federal Credit Union. Never spend more than you must buy some thing. You can also buy a counterfeit metal detector pen, which you may find at most of the office supply stores for about $5. It is wise to listen to your behavioral instinct when it comes to Your local craigslist ads transactions. It is not necessarily uncommon for scammers to pose as trustworthy people, but it is better to avoid this, even if you not necessarily sure.

Your local craigslist ads transactions involve other people, so you should end up being extra cautious when changing personal information. One way to remain safe is to use an anonymous email account. Tend include your term in your email address; instead, employ your primary name and phone number. You can also exchange these email addresses together with the other party. Be suspicious of other people requesting your personal information, including your credit card amount.

Another way to remain safe on Craigslist is to meet in a public place. Assuming you have an item that you can buy, try to match at a public place where the two of you can be seen. A busy shopping plaza is an ideal area for such a meeting. When you are selling a large item, make sure the buyer meets you somewhere secure, such as a restaurant. If perhaps they’re coming over to your home, get their cell number all set so you can textual content them to set up a meeting.


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